Friday, May 22, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 7

Yesterday the electrician was in again to finish up the rough in. All cables now live in their designated boxes. And the moisture barrier is back in its normal state.

Today the inspector should have came to see if he's happy with all this and the room is up to code. Should be. That's why I'm paying someone to do all this. But I just found out he was in an accident this morning and won't be in today but on monday. Ugh. I hope the accident wasn't work related. :s 

We 'might' have to install a (second) emergency door on the dry side though. Chances are the inspector might think of this area as a 'confined' space. So then it needs a door or an escape hatch at least. We will see if it comes to that. But that would mean more light seals. Something I am trying to avoid.  

Also we have start building the filter boxes for the incoming air. The 2 heater vents I have in there will get the same treatment. The boxes will use an easy-to-get automotive filter. These filters have the capability of trapping even the finest dust. Better than the 3M filter that lives in my furnace at least. 

***edit: the inspectors DID come today afterall and since everything is good we are full steam ahead! Yihaa

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 6

Good progress today!

My contractor finished the ventilation system today. Ventilation consists of 3, 50cfm bathroom fans that exhaust to the outside. Two fans live on the edges of the sink at a low height. And one lives in the ceiling. That way some hot air can get evacuated too. 

Coming up with an adequate cfm number for the fans is an interesting endeavour. Kodak says 15 air changes per hour. But according to the numbers on it's a little less.

A quick calculation tells me the darkroom is roughly upwards of 1900 cubic feet with a 250 sq ft footprint.

Doing the cfm calculation using that data using the info on the Sebastian Darkroom site tells me that I need 125cfm minimum. So 150 is more than enough. Let's hope these things aren't too loud.

We are also getting closer to hooking up the water panel. Filtration is ready to be put in. And then it's a matter of hooking up the water.

First code inspection will happen on Friday! We are inching closer.

The ventilation system in place. 

The collector and vent to the outside.

Water panel and water mains.

The water filtration with 25micron filters on both hot and cold water inlets.

An extra vent on the outside of the house in the foreground.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 5

Not much progress yesterday.

My builder, who insisted we did stainless steal sinks (I always leaned towards a wooden sink), wrestled all day to get the sinks (which are massive) somehow in the basement. 

He texted me around 4 in the afternoon that he had given up. 

"We will have to take out a window to get them in". Builders always have a way with words. "It's going to make it so much easier to get the drywall in too". 

I guess. :s

Monday, May 18, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 4

Yesterday I got an unexpected message from my contractor that the electrician wanted to work today. It's a holiday in Canada. But since I got nothing planned anyway, he was more than welcome to pull some wires today.

And wires he pulled! Over 400 feet of wire is in the basement right now. And not all is in yet. 

You know what they say. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Because I know at one point. I might run out of power outlets. 

The plan is to do all LEDs for the white work lights. The switches for the eight lights will be near the ceiling and will be per side. The safelights will live on one switch (normal height) right at the entrance.