Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today is the day!

Yes. I am embarking on another pinhole adventure!

This time around I loaded up 8 pinhole camera's and I am planning on getting them out tonight. I kept the shapes of the boxes fairly simple this year.

One thing I learned from last year was that long rectangular boxes did not provide the view I was after. So this year I'm keeping it simple. 5 round tin cans and 3 square tea boxes. Also this year I'm making notes on what paper I'm using in what camera's. Last year I was pretty conservative. Choosing between Kodak Ektalure (I'm not sure about this anymore) and Ilfords RC and FB Multigrade papers. This year, I'm going a bit more exotic. I loaded up 2 camera's of each with:

  • Kodak Ektalure
  • Ilford Ilfobrom 3.1K
  • Ilford Ilfobrom 2.1K
  • Ilford Ilfospeed 3.1M

This paper was all so old, that I had a hard time opening the envelopes. The glue was fused to the cardboard. It was THAT old. O and this time around I wore gloves and was very careful with dust and other residues that could leave prints on the paper.

I am already looking forward to the results!!!

Also this year I am planning on using good foregrounds in the photographs and I need to remember to face the cams due south. So I'm bringing my compass tonight as well.

Wish me luck!

Friday, December 9, 2011

2012 Calendars

I finally bit the bullet.
For the first time EVER I went ahead and made a calendar with some of my favourite photographs I've made in 2011.

This is a huge step for me. But it is a lot of fun to make these. And simply knowing that people will be able to purchase them and look at them for months on end gives me a big boost. Baby steps right? But it kinda feels good.

On to the calendars. They are large format, professionally coil-bound and printed on high quality photo paper and the photography is all black and white. The calendars are 13.5 x 19 inches high. And will ship within 3 days of the order.
They will be sold for $29.99US. Yes I know. US dollars right. But I did not have another option so bare with me.

I have 3 versions of this calendar for sale. And they would make a perfect gift for Christmas. :)

A Canadian Version
Canadian Version

 An American Version
American Version

And an International Version
International Version

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some more exposure

Since I've joined Google+ a few months ago things began to snowball out of control for me. Well not really out of control but I can say I receive a lot more exposure and I am able to share my work with a bigger audience. Which is awesome of course!

I'm happy to announce that my work is being featured in the newest edition of Camerapixo. A very nice digital magazine. Download the pdf now and get inspired!

Also I have a little feature on Máximo Panés' blog. Check it out here.

On the film side I've finally bought some chemicals. I went with Ilfords' Ilfosol3 developer.
I still have to start developing though. But I like to plan things out before I start...
I will keep you guys updated on the progress I'm making with this film project of mine.