Saturday, March 16, 2013

Couple of talks coming up

Next week I will be giving a short talk on Storm Chasing in Alberta at the Outdoor and Adventure Show in Calgary.

The talk is crammed with local chasing tips, weather safety tips and of course photography tips.
I am in the final stages of preparation and all I can say is this:

If you are interested in using adverse weather to your advantage in your photography, this talk will feature it all. And best of all, if you have tickets for the Outdoor and Adventure Show, the talk is free!
So come on down next Saturday or Sunday (it's a 2 day thing) and say hi!
More info about this event can be found here.

On May 5th, I will be hosting another 2 hour seminar on Black and White fine art photography.
I will be talking about philosophies, insights and believes behind what I do. This will be an inspirational talk and not a gear related event (I don't care about gear, I care about vision and so should you).

I am really looking forward to this event. It's going to be good I can promise you that. And you will come out of this with a different mindset on who you are as a photographer, where you are in your career and what your work is all about.

More info about this event can be found here

Both events are sponsored by The Camera Store in Calgary.