Monday, July 30, 2012

Some random thoughts

"Comfort kills creativity. Comfort isn’t very motivating. You’ve got to be smart enough to realize once you’re in the comfort zone and make a fucking change" – Chad Gray, Hell Yeah.

If you don't know who Hell Yeah is, don't worry about it.
BUT I couldn't agree more with the quote and that's the important part.

Lately I haven't touched my camera all that much. I took it out for some commercial work over the weekend and I've been doing some aurorae photography. Other than that, nothing. I feel like I was doing work that was looking all the same. Now that's not too bad when it comes to a portfolio or if you are working on a series. But photographing in 'loose images' like I mostly do. It's easy to go back to the solutions you've applied over and over again and implement them again and again. Like a machine.

That's what the quote is about. If you feel like a machine and your doing the same stuff over and over again. STOP. And make a change.

I don't feel like photographing right now. I don't see photographs anymore. It's weird. I'm just not inspired. Not motivated to create pictures. Even post processing them takes a long time now. Creative juices are not flowing anymore...

But that's ok though. As an artist you should know that that stuff happens or will happen overtime and that you should not worry too much about it when it does. Creativity can be sparked ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. And you should be ready to follow up when it does.

Now that doesn't mean that I have been sitting around doing nothing. I've been thinking a lot on where I want my career to go as a photographer. Or what I want to do next as a project. Trying to redefine myself so to speak.

Hopefully I have some exciting news to tell you in the next week or so.... But I don't want to jinx it so you'll have to wait.