Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Series: Volts

A few weeks ago I started a new series called 'Volts'.
It started with me going out on a cloudy overcast Saturday and I was looking for something to do. That was when I got a vision.

An image popped into my head. I had to shoot an electricity pole. Square. Black and white.
Euhm, wait a minute, I thought I was a landscape photographer?! Before I knew it I was on my way to do some test shots.

A few minutes from my house there is a – believe it or not – deserted community. Deserted as in: the streets are in and so are all the light poles and a few show homes, and then the developer went out of business. It's a huge eye sore I think but wonderful for this series. I could do some photography in the middle of the street without being on the look out for cars.

These are the images from that session.

When I drove back into my community, I noticed the light poles. Since I was still 'in the zone', I decided to take a closer look at them too. Turns out they were wonderful subjects.

A week went by and last week I had to shoot a building for work. It's a semi modern building that is still in the middle of construction. I parked the car and the first thing I noticed was how simple their light poles were on the parking lot. OK OK I HAD to shoot them!

And then I noticed this sad looking light pole.

Yesterday I did 2 more. It is a great break from shooting landscapes for me. I am feeding my creative/linear eye right now. I've always loved lines and symmetry. I think this series is a great way to step back a little and step right out of my comfort zone and do some more graphical/art photography.

The plan for this series is to make at least 120 of them. And the series would then be called '120 Volts', get it? Or if I find a huge amount of inspiration, I will do 240... For now, it is a great way to fine tune my compositional skills even further. I like simple photography. And when it all comes together, it just gives me a very satisfied feeling. Have you ever had a similar experience? Are you working on something that is completely 'YOU'?


  1. DOOOOOOOD.....I have had an obsession with powerlines for about 3 years now amd you captured them EPICALLY. Also I'm not a fan of putting my own artwork up on the wall, SOOOoooo How much for a 14"x14"/20"x20"/ 24"x24"/ 30"x30". I LOVE where this series is going... and am VERY CURIOUS and interested in perhaps maybe purchasing..LOL



  2. Jer, you're crazy! ;)

    But here's the thing. You make me a print and I'll give you one of mine. Sounds like a plan huh?

  3. Vents. That's my obsession. They aren't anywhere as boring as you might think :-)

  4. I hope you make it to 240, because your fondness for abstraction appeals to me. As for whether I'm working on something that's completely ME, I almost always feel that I am.