Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some more exposure

Since I've joined Google+ a few months ago things began to snowball out of control for me. Well not really out of control but I can say I receive a lot more exposure and I am able to share my work with a bigger audience. Which is awesome of course!

I'm happy to announce that my work is being featured in the newest edition of Camerapixo. A very nice digital magazine. Download the pdf now and get inspired!

Also I have a little feature on Máximo Panés' blog. Check it out here.

On the film side I've finally bought some chemicals. I went with Ilfords' Ilfosol3 developer.
I still have to start developing though. But I like to plan things out before I start...
I will keep you guys updated on the progress I'm making with this film project of mine.


  1. Downloading now... It's really slow.

  2. Yeah it is a HUUUUUGE mag. Over 200 pages. Over 200 megs as well.

  3. Your photos look great in there Olivier - and in good company too! :)