Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A word on inspiration

Today – while I was waiting for a client – my eye caught an interesting ceiling light.

So I grabbed the camera out of the bag, opened the lens up and started making compositions with this thing. At the end, it turned into a small series of abstracts. Tom McLaughlan has a word for that, he calls it ministracts. Minimal Abstract compositions.

A good lesson is this one. Keep your eyes and your heart open for subject like this at all times. Minimalize. Exclude. Learn to see these things and before you know it, you will notice other compositions or things that might be interesting to photograph as well.

This proves that following the rule 'have your camera with you at all times', pays off. You never know when inspiration will stare you in the face (and the camera is in the car).


  1. A superb spontaneous series, out of all of them i'd pick #2 as my favourite.

  2. the moire is tripping my monitor eyes crazy!

  3. I did that specially for you Nate!
    My fav is no7 dave. It almost looks like a landscape to me after all.

  4. The true sign of a hopelessly addicted photographer, you have my sympathies ;)

  5. Amazing what you can find to shoot when you look around. This make a great series of abstracts. No 3 would be my favourite. Nice work -really clean crisp processing too.

  6. This is just ridiculous! I am continually inspired by your work Olivier. Minimalist B&W is something I would like to experiment more with in the future. Let me know if you knock any tutorials together!