Friday, October 18, 2013

Catching up

Wow. 2 months without a blog post!
Let me start by offering up my sincere apologies. I have a good explanation I promise.

It has been a very crazy busy summer and fall let me tell you. I loved every minute of it and I am finally able to tell you all about it.

First of all 'Snow Barrier' won a bronze medal at this year's Prix de la Photographie in the non-professional Nature/Trees category. Absolutely crazy news that made me very happy. The photograph will also be featured in the winners catalog of this year's competition.
On top of that my work received 7 honorable mentions in this year's IPA awards too.

My work also got featured in 3 online magazines accompanied with 3 interviews. And I had 3 photo features elsewhere on the web as well. Preparing all of that material took a lot of my time away from photography but none the less, I loved every minute of it.

Here's a list in case you were interested in reading up on me and my work.

- Adore Noir Issue 16
- Stark-Magazine Issue 18
- Slices of Silence, artist spotlight

- Photo feature in Dodho Magazine Issue 6
- 'Field of Placidity' featured in Camerapixo Magazine 'No Rules-edition'
- Photo feature in Blur Magazine #33

OK so now we got that out of the way what else did I do over the summer and fall?
Well, remember this post I wrote last year? I finally started working/experimenting with this idea with some success. Let me share some results with you.

These photographs make me pretty proud. They are both – in my opinion – quite a departure of my normal work and are more conceptual then I've ever done. And well quite frankly, the technical aspect of it is quite interesting too.

The first photograph is a 2.5h exposure of the moon over Ghost Lake. I believe the moon was like 75-80% full and this was photographed at either ƒ8 or ƒ11 on Ilford Delta 100.

The second photograph is a 60 minute exposure of the sun through 16 stops of ND filters at ƒ22 and then underdeveloped by 1 stop. Very interesting experiment.

It's neat to play around with these long exposures. I quite like doing them.

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