Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My 2015 resolutions

Every year I try to think about what I want to focus on in the 12 months ahead. It's my way to staying focused on my craft. Some people do a 365/52 weeks project to achieve the same results.
So here is that obligatory post.

1. Darkroom printing

This year's main goal is to start printing wet. Yes I know I've been talking about this darkroom for about 2 years now but it is coming. I had my second meeting with the general contractor over the weekend and we will be ready to start soon I hope. The goal is to be set up and start my adventure in printing in April of this year.

2. Focus on one project

My other major goal is to focus on mostly one particular project this year. And think about ways my photography can make a difference in talking about problems in this world. Let me explain.

In October 2013 I stumbled onto a forest clear cut SW of Sundre. I was floored with how disrespectful we were going about harvesting lumber. There got to be a better ways in doing this I thought. Maybe I was (am) naive in believing the reality about the lumber industry in Canada.

The view I saw made me very sad. I couldn't understand why this was happening so close to home, so close to the protected Rocky Mountain parks. That day I also saw a herd of wild horses just north of where I initially parked the truck. They looked as confused as I was.

In the mean time I've sat down with 2 action groups and shared what I am trying to achieve. Both are very supportive and are now sources of information and guides for me to take advantage of. Also tonight I am sitting down with one group in a meeting with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to talk about what is going on and what is going to happen West of Cochrane for example. Should be interesting.

As part of this point I also want to make a few print donations this year to causes I believe in. A first 16x20 print will be leaving soon and will go to the Stivers School for the Arts silent auction. The auction consists of student work and donated work from professional fine art photographers from around the world. All the proceeds go directly to the photography department and are used to buy cameras, dark room equipment and chemicals for student use. The money raised each year helps keep their successful and award winning program running. I am all for programs like that because film photography is my main passion after all.

3. Spend less time online

I will also spend less time on social media so I can focus better on what I am doing and what I think is important for my art. Nobody needs to know what is happening with me all the time. A little seclusion should be good in my self growth.

4. Keep moving forward

Lastly I am also looking into attending a workshop this year. I am particularly interested in a 5 day darkroom workshop with living legend Bruce Barnbaum. Ever since I've read his book The Art of Photography I was hooked. Every photographer should read that book in my opinion. It is that fantastic!
So there you have it. 4 major goals this year. I should say ONLY 4 major goals this year. But 4 big ones.

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