Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm still alive!

Weather has been awful for the last two weeks. With temperatures ranging from -30C to +10C it's been wild to say the least. I have not been doing lots of photography lately. Because, well, there is nothing to photograph (unless you are heavily into photographing sludgy brown snow). There where a few good sunsets but I was always in the car driving home from work.

Last time I took the camera out was two weeks ago. Has it been two weeks already? Wow time moves fast. Anyway, it was a beautiful winter day with cold temperatures and clear, dark blue skies. I was driving around the range roads around Cochrane and I came across this wall (about 3-4 meters high) of snow. It was an unbelievable sight. I threw the car on the side of the road and 2 minutes later I was swimming in snow (so to speak). I found this cool overhanging ledge. The colours where beautiful. It was like a mini glacier.

When I was taking the photograph I was keeping a close eye on my histogram. But the 5DmkII did a remarkable job on rendering this scene. No clipped highlights or shadows. Pretty amazing dynamic range if you ask me.

After some post processing I was happy with this result.

On a side note. Last week I did a quick check on some pinhole cameras I hung a few weeks ago and everything is still in place. It's been almost a month now. I am excited!


  1. Magical! Love the soft frozen waves and the really nice blue tone.

  2. This is a sweet image! Love the color and composition, thanks for sharing.