Friday, January 21, 2011

Portrait Photography

You know, I love portrait photography. Somehow it is so different but yet so similar to landscape photography. In the end it is all about understanding the light and how it can interact with your subject. Creating a flattering portrait or just a harsh one. Everybody needs some kind of different light setup like everybody has his good and bad side.

Back home this was basically the type of photography I did. I was lacking the 'grand scenery' that I was associating with my vision of landscape photography. I shot bands and models both on location and in my little makeshift living room studio. I had my setup going with 3 strobes and a backdrop and so on. When we moved to Canada I sold everything (to my good friend Raf). Mostly because of the fact that North America works on a 110V power grid and Europe has a 220V one. Sometimes I miss it though.

Luckily we have a very decent setup at work. Sometimes they let me out of the cage so I can play with it a bit (just joking). Here's what I came up with lately.  I finally came around and uploaded some portraits to my website as well. Hope you enjoy this photography as well.

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