Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's official!

A few weeks ago I got a tweet from Jim Slobodian – he works at the CameraStore in Calgary – asking me if I would be interested in giving a talk about landscape photography at The Outdoor Adventure Show in Calgary.
I almost fell of my chair! Who (frantically looking around), ME?! Was this a joke? After going back and forth for a bit I realised that this was the real deal. Jim had noticed a tweet of mine, stumbled onto my website and that was it. Talk about the power of social media!
A couple of days later I met Jim at the CameraStore. He's a great guy to say the least. And we worked things out. This can be the start of a fun relationship between me and the CameraStore. But most of all I was very honored they chose me (of all photographers in Calgary) to represent them on this fair.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I've been working very hard on this keynote presentation lately. Because, well, I see this as a huge break, and I want to knock this one out of the ball park. I am going to prove that you don't have to drive to the mountains to do great landscape photography. Talking in front of a crowd will be a first for me. Maybe I'll even like it. Who knows?
By the end of this week I want to have finished the presentation so I can do a test talk on Friday for some friends.

Not bad for an import huh? ;)

By the way, I'll be talking along side of 2 well known professionals and Jim himself. You can download the schedule here.