Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shooting nothing

We are having quit the winter here in Alberta. From periods with lots of snow to almost spring like temperature. Lately we are back in the deep freeze.

I always here people complain about the weather. Especially photographers. 'too cold', 'flat light', 'boring skies' and so on. Sometimes it is just plain annoying. This is actually a fun time to be out!
Most of the times you are alone, it is quiet and yes everything looks white. But that is just the fun part of it. You can do a lot of cool things with white. The only thing is, you need to open your eyes.

What I've been doing lately are these minimalistic looking shots. They look quit simple to do and to some extent they are easy to 'do'. But it can be a good exercise to train your eyes. Shapes, lines and contrasts (even if they are subtle) begin to play a big role in these compositions.

I just think it is a lot of fun to find these pictures and make them as simple as possible. You should try it!



Little one

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