Thursday, June 16, 2011

I had an epiphany!

Last weekend was a good weekend for my photography. Why? Being out there in Claresholm – photographing in rain – I had an epiphany. Being pushed by my surroundings and the weather there was eye opening.
I made the decision to stop looking at other people's work. Let me re-phrase that. I will stop letting me get influenced by other photographers. Maybe that sounds kind of arrogant or even plain stupid but bear with me here for a second.

Back when I started out with photography I was shooting film. Digital was non existing. So I was/am formally trained as a black and white photographer/darkroom adept. Even now it is hard for me to shoot in colour. Somehow it is just not working for me anymore. Somehow I can not put the amount of emotion I want and need in a photo, in a colour photo print. But I can – without even thinking – in a black and white print. It is just second nature for me to do that. I don't know how, what or why the reason is. It's just is.

If I reflect back on my photography over the last 6 months I can only notice that my photography has changed a lot. Honestly it did not change, it just went back to where it was in the beginning. I used to shoot exclusively with wide angle lenses. Now, not so much. I shoot 50mm and up. Again it is more natural for me to do that. Also my compositions have become very empty, very minimal. Not something that everybody likes.

I guess as a graphic artist I am more looking for that 'artsy' shot that has a nice graphical composition then making a wide angle comp where I show everything, from the rocks beneath my feet to the mountains in the back. Sure, those shots are dramatical in depth and I do love them but my heart is in a place now where it needs simplicity.

Of course this does not mean that I will ONLY shoot minimalistic black and whites from now on. Shooting sunrise or sunset colours in black and white does not make any sense right?

Did you experience something like this before? Please do share. I am looking forward to read your thoughts on this.

Here are some examples of what I mean with my ramblings above. These where all shot last weekend.


Wind Catchers

Triangle Coulee

It's Clearing