Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photos are everywhere


The photo above was taken Sunday on one of the range roads West of Calgary.

My parents are visiting from 'the old country' and we took them out to Drumheller for the day. The day itself was great. It was hot and sunny and we saw all the sights in Drumheller that I consider touristically interesting.

Photo wise it was a dud. I find Drumheller very difficult to photograph. I love the way it looks! Almost desert like. But those coulees just have way too much contrast for me to handle. It's also located just too far to wake up in the morning and drive all the way out there to catch the sunrise. I tried to do some details but nothing really caught my eye.

When we headed back, everybody was basically asleep in the car. Except for me! And when I saw this out of my drivers side window I had to stop. I said: "I'm sorry but I need to photograph this, I promise it won't take long." Nobody noticed what I 'saw' but the moment I got out of the car something flashed through my mind. I had to think about Cole Thompson's body of work called 'Harbinger'. This is kind of my tribute to Cole. This was my Harbinger.

It just proves that you ALWAYS need to be on the look out for photo opportunities. You always need to be aware what is going on around you. Even if you don't take a 'real' photo you can take one with your mind. I do it all the time. On my way to work, coming back from a scouting trip or the grocery store. Every time is a good time for training your eye.

I keep seeing stuff in squares and rectangles... what about you?


  1. Hi Olivier, what a great post. Myself, I have been in the last twelve months doing just what you are talking about in last paragraph and so many times I have seen so many photo opportunities and I don't have my camera. I also do the hold my fingers up in a shape like a frame.People look at me sometimes like I'm a crazy person.LOL. Great read Olivier.

  2. That is the best thing you can do Coralann. No need to take pictures, only compose them in your mind. Come back to that spot when the conditions are to your liking too...
    Thank you for the visits!