Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't they Look Moo-velous?

A few weeks ago I felt to need to print me some new business cards. Actually I never owned business cards before and more and more people where asking for them. I always had to scribble something down. And that does NOT look very professional of course.
Now I am happy to say that I own business cards that have the same look and feel as this blog and my website.

A colleague of mine actually found MOO one day. And everybody in the office here was impressed by how the samples (which they happily provide) looked like. After some debating I finally ordered a small batch as a test.

I ordered 50 and used their printfinity option. Which means you can basically have multiple fronts over a single generic back. Like a mini portfolio on your business card if you will. I designed the back using Illustrator and uploaded 10 different photos for the fronts.
When I was designing the cards, I ran into a bit of a technical thing about using blacks in print. MOO offers a Live Chat support function through their website and that worked flawlessly. I quickly had a rep on the line and had my answer in 2 minutes. Now that is a company that cares and knows what they are doing!

The cards itself are super heavy weight stock. They have a beautiful satin finish on them and they are made from recycled materials! Plus they came in a nice little holder. Pretty neat.
It is also very interesting to see what images are picked. This way you can keep a top 3 of what works and what does not. ;)

Overal I can't say anything bad about these guys and I just wanted to share my experience with you. For me this was a very enjoyable and satisfying experience (and cheap too! I payed just over $30 US). I am sure I will be using them again when I run out of cards.


  1. I have to order new cards I should look at Moo - I've heard a lot about them. You cards look good!

  2. They Moo indeed. Great post Olivier.

  3. I received my new Moo cards today on the same recycled paper. They look great! The photos printed on the back might look a bit better if they were BW, as the colours aren't quite the same as I am used to, but still pretty happy. Now if I can just figure out how to make text bold for the front of the card next batch I print!