Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OK now that is weird

So before I give you all an overdose of Nova Scotia stories I'd like to write a short but very sweet blog entry.

Coming home yesterday on the airplane, I was watching the 2011 movie 'Unknown' starring Liam Neeson. When all of the sudden I got a flash of a weird looking camera! The geek in me immediately took over. I paused the movie, rewound and looked at the scene again. Yes there was no mistake. My eyes had not fooled me. I was looking at the worlds first left handed Canon Camera!

Now I don't know if this was a mistake in the movie or not, or this was a one off prototype or a new camera all together. Doing some digging on the intrawebs did not result into anything concrete. But my gut feeling would be they screwed up.

So here are some screen shots I took with the iPhone. You can kind make up the 'Canon' brand name under the LCD screen so the scene was not mirrored in post...

Weird or what?