Monday, August 8, 2011

Trip to Nova Scotia

I am about to embark on a two week trip to Nova Scotia.
Me and the misses have to go to a wedding there. I consider the wedding as a minor hick up in – what is going to be – one of the best photo opportunities ever.

Our plans are to drive along the shores and do the whole tour around the peninsula. It's gonna be epic.

Since we will have very limited internet access, don't expect a lot of updates/tweets/facebook updates though. I think I am going to go through internet 3G withdrawal the moment I land. 2 weeks without the intrawebs?! How do people live over there?
Friends keep saying that life over there is so much different then life in the big city. I am very curious to see and experience that!

Also last Friday we had a HUGE aurora outbreak over Canada (and the rest of the world). If you have not seen any pictures of it by now, here's a slideshow of what I photographed.

See you in two weeks!

Aurora Borealis 5 August 2011 - Images by Olivier Du Tre


  1. Have a great trip Oli (and don't forget to make a showing at the wedding ;-)

  2. Just stunning. I hope everything goes well for the both of you. I cannot wait to see what wonderful shots you will bring back. Have a wonderful break.

  3. Wicked Pictures of the aurora :) Have fun on your trip.