Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aurora Display

Last week we finally had some chance in seeing the northern lights again. It's been a while. Seems like Norway and Northern Europe where getting all the fun. Finally it was our turn.

Aurora Borealis 14 February 2012 - Images by Olivier Du Tre

So my buddy Zoltan Kenwell and I were out shooting the lights. And man, did we had a great time!

The day after, when looking at the shot I made the quick decision on doing a little media campaign. I emailed/twittered some local newspapers, weather guys and news anchors with some background info both on me and the display. Not soon after I got the first phone call. It was CBC Calgary. They were going to use it in there broadcast at 6. Sweet.

The shots appear around 6:52.

Then Global got a hold on them and Paul Dunphy, the weather guy, gave me a call. Great guy by the way. We chatted a bit and Paul ended up showing them twice. Once at 5 and once at 6.
Here's a little iPhone video of that.

The photo's (or the link to my website) appeared on blogs and news websites as well. All in all a great little experiment. My traffic surged 20 fold.
Not a bad day.

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  1. Wonderful images of one of nature's glorious phenomena. Tremendous.