Friday, February 3, 2012

Darkroom Gear

With me exploring the magical world of film again I had my eyes open for opportunities regarding darkroom equipment. I was scouting Kijiji, eBay and I've put out some feelers at The CameraStore but nothing really came up.

Enter Rochelle. Rochelle is a colleague/photographer friend of mine. She literally said 'I will give you some of my gear'.
Yesterday she donated some of her gear to me. Well some quickly turned into everything and before I knew it, my car was loaded up to the roof with stuff!

I safely made it home and started unpacking. It was like Christmas all over again. Every box yielded some sort of surprise or something I had not seen in years! I had to sneeze a couple of times because of all the dust (something I'm allergic to).

Some quick iPhone snaps shows you how much stuff I GOT! O yeah here's the best part. Rochelle donated this FOR FREE! Of course I'm forever in her debt and I will repay her with a couple of beautiful big prints. That's the least I can do.

So here's a list of what I got on this table.

- 3 Paterson Super System 4 developing tanks (one of which is BRAND NEW) and 6 reels.
- 6 (!) small stainless steel developing tanks.
- 1 large stainless steel developing tank with
- 22 (1) 35mm stainless reels.
- 2 120 stainless reels.
- 3 large measuring cups
- 1 small measuring cup
- 3 thermometers (1 digital, 1 regular and 1 mercury one)
- Rodinal (I think this is years past it's shelf life, but I'll test it first)
- Ilford Microphen (unopened)
- Ilford Multigrade paper developer
- Ilford Paper Developer
- Kodak Photoflo
- Kodak Sodium Sulfite
- Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner
- Retouching inks
- 4 Measuring spoons
- 2 wooden tongs
- 3 plastic tongs
- 1 metal tong
- 35mm canister opener
- 2 squeegee's
- 6 8x10 trays
- 2 larger trays
- Changing bag
- 3 safelights (2 of which are shown and work, the other one is huge and was a bit dodgy to test)
- 3 8x10 easels
- 2 large easels
- Bag of nic-nacs (dust blower, wooden pins, metal pins, etc)
- Big buzzing timer
- Grain Loupe
- Some Ilford RC and mystery paper
- Nikor (by Rollei) 6x7 enlarger with 50mm lens
- Timer and power supply
- 11 Kodak Polymax grade filters
- Extra 75mm Rodenstock lens for enlarger

And I'm probably forgetting a lot of small random stuff.


PS. I think I'm good on stainless developing tanks!

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  1. Makes me want to cry! I sold all my darkroom equipment a few years back :-(