Friday, June 22, 2012

Claresholm, one year later

I found my personal photographic voice in a place called Claresholm, Alberta, last year.
If you want to read up on that check this link.

Claresholm is a place about 2 hours driving south of Calgary. It  is a rural town with not a lot of 'stuff' to photograph. At least that is what photographers think.

Personally, I think it is a gorgeous place. And the area shows rural Alberta at it's best. Combining gorgeous foothills to the West with wide open plains to the East. In my opinion there is a TON to photograph! Plus the place has a somewhat special place in my heart. ;)

Over the course of the weekend I ended up exploring mostly the range roads to the East of Claresholm. Man that place has a lot of gravel roads to explore! I found a ton of stuff that I loved photographing. Obviously a whole range of grain bins/silos, abandoned farms and homesteads, etc. Plus I had gorgeous light to play with during both days. On Saturday I had skies ranging from perfectly clear in the morning, to puffy white clouds in the afternoon to storm clouds in the evening. On Sunday, I had a rainy day to play with. The whole weekend I had just fantastic conditions for long exposure and of course my beloved minimal photography.


  1. Great work Olivier, I love especially the light of "Over the Horizon no2".

    1. Thanks Matthias! Yeah that one is one of my favs of the weekend as well. It has that little bit more meaning to it once you start thinking about it.