Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Alright! My first post of 2013 (and my 100rd post in total), so I have to make this a good one! Oh the pressure...

Now that everyone has posted their 'Best Photos of 2012' (I didn't), it's time to make some plans for the new year. I usually set out to accomplish 2–3 small goals. I do this every year.

Last year I set forward these 3 goals:
  1. Get published: I checked that off the list in November with a cool feature in Lenswork no.103.
  2. Show my work in a gallery: I checked that off the list this summer when I showed a 60x40" print in a local gallery.
  3. Enter International Competitions: I checked that off the list with 8 honorable mentions in this years International Photo Awards competition.
For 2013, I am going all in with more than 3 resolutions! 10 resolutions. That's a lot to check off... I know I will have to focus on my goals and be true to this list to make 2013 a successful year, just like 2012 was. This is what I set forward to accomplish this year.

  1. Build my darkroom. I really want to get going on this one and want to accomplish this in the first half of this year. And start printing in the second half. I am accepting donations. So if you have old darkroom stuff you want to get rid of, give me a call.
  2. Get published again. Need to submit more of my work to magazines.
  3. Learn how to write artist statements and gallery submissions. This is a big one that I want to accomplish.
  4. Show my work in at least one gallery. 
  5. Enter International Competitions.
  6. Shoot more film. And learn even more about it. Learn to use the zone system even more. Simplify!
  7. Dabble more in 4x5. Maybe even buy a large format camera.
  8. Meet up more with some amazing people. Listen and learn from them. 
  9. Explore more. 
  10. Devour more photo books. 
That's it really. If I can accomplish all of these goals, I will be a very happy man. 

Oh, and I would love to hear what your goals are for 2013!  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Stephen. Definitely! And I think it's a good and interesting mix too to keep it interesting for 52 weeks.

  2. Great goals. No doubt you will accomplish them all.

    1. I will let you know Lori in 12 months if I did. :)