Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Protect the Prairie

I usually don't let politics or believes mix into my professional photography pages, but here is something I wholeheartedly approve. 

In the 4 years I've lived around Calgary/Cochrane, I've seen these grasslands disappearing first hand. Oil and gas wells are being drilled all over. If that's a good or a bad thing that's for everyone to decide for themselves. But the thing is that these wells are popping up wherever these companies want to drill them. And nobody is stopping them. Not even the owners of the lands where these wells are going onto.

To me it seems like they are raping the land for all it's worth. 

As a photographer that has based most of his work around these valuable (or as most see it, mundane) areas, I think it's a real sight for sore eyes. But more importantly. It actually shows me how few people care about these grasslands. Sure they don't have the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains nor are they the protected National Parks that we all enjoy. And obviously this isn't Banff or Jasper. But if everyone started opening their eyes, maybe they too could see the beauty in the everyday landscape.

I believe these grasslands are truly beautiful and that they are valuable ecosystems that need our protection from the greed of man, right away. 

So join me in signing this petition in the hopes we can raise our voices and be heard on this issue.

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