Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finally made it on Instagram

After last week blog post 'debacle' about how social media is sucking the life out of quality photography, I took a long hard look at my social media strategy. The waves this blog post made, the negative comments that I got where eye opening. People called me shortsighted, stubborn, oldskool, stuck in the past and even 'all dinosaurs die eventually'.

Today, I made the decision to finally bite the bullet and get me an Instagram account.

I know, I know. I've been an advocate against the use of Instagram for quite some time now (read: from the moment it came on the market). And I wrote numerous blog posts about Instagram in the past. But seriously. I've been using Instagram for a bit now and it is sooooo much fun!

My work really looks much better in square than 6x7 or 4x5 anyways. Plus the filters in this app are awesome. Who can argue with filters named 'Mayfair', 'Valencia' or my favourite 'Brannan'. Man my work has never looked so good! Super excited.

So follow @olivierdutre  and join me on my journey as I explore Instagram.


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