Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 in review (black and white)

Every year Jim Goldstein does this thing on his blog where everybody can send in his/her favourite shots of the year (taken by themselves of course). That got me thinking.
Reflecting back on this year, I think I was able to witness a bunch of very nice scenes. 2010 was the year that I took photography a that little bit more serious. Putting in that little bit of extra effort to get my behind out of the house and plan shoots and go somewhere.
Here is a selection of my 5 favourite black and white photos I took during this year.

This has to be my favourite shot of 2010. It was shot at Ghost Lake in Alberta. I was just sitting there after work, relaxing at the side of this lake. Peacefully listening to the sound of the waves. I love how this scene draws your eye in.

Taken in Jasper. It's the bottom of the Athabasca River. I like how this shot turned out in black and white. I love the amount of detail in the sand and the log and how your eye flows through the scene.

A lone tree close to Cochrane. A summer storm had just blew by and the sun was fighting to poke through the clouds. It was still very breezy. But I loved the way the sun back lit this tree. I am very happy with this black and white conversion.

One of those shots that just happened. I was on the computer and I looked outside to see these amazing puffy clouds. I opened the window and fired up two shots with a polarizer. And this was the result. I simply love this sky!

This is my most peaceful image of the year. Taken at the Grassi Lakes.

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