Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 21 Dec, 2010

I was all set for the hyped winter solstice lunar eclipse last night. I borrowed a telephoto lens (Canon EF 70-200mm ƒ/4L USM) and had setup my camera and tripod in the garage (without battery) so it could acclimatize for the -18˚C night it was going to get into.
The plan was that I was going to photograph the eclipse out of the luxury of my driveway/garage. Alarm clock was set, iPhone loaded with a bunch of alarms (start, max and end totality) and the battery was fully loaded and ready to go.

Coming outside at 12.15am it did not look good. First of all I had locked myself out of the house (the genius that I am) so I had to wake up my girl (who was laughing about it, thank god) just to get my car keys. Why? Because the one big cloud that was in the sky was over my community. Darn! I had to move. And move quickly.

I decide to drive south. And ended up 15min from my house on a road called Springbank Road. It was cold though. -18˚C but -26˚C if you calculate temperature with the windchill. Let me tell you, that's cold. Thankfully I have some serious winter clothing.

I caught the whole maximum of the eclipse, just like I planned to do (all though it was a bit of a scramble). And my battery died just when totality had ended. Perfect!