Thursday, December 30, 2010

Canadian banks are thieves

Remember this post from a few days ago? Well I am NOT a happy camper anymore. Let me tell you what happened exactly.
When I bought my camera from 'ProDigital2000' on Ebay I noticed that they list their prices in US $. But – here is the kicker – the seller is located in Ontario, Canada. Where's our National Pride now, eh?! When I addressed this issue with the seller they replied they list their prices in US $ 'to get more exposure on Ebay'. At first I did not see a problem. With the CAD $ at par with the US $ their should not be a problem. Except for the fact that Canadian Banks (and North American Banks in general) are crooked gangsters.
First they don't give you the exchange rate you should get. No Sir! They add a couple of numbers past the comma, 'to cover their costs'. And second, they charge me 2.5% extra on the total amount because I am a Canadian who is paying something to someone in US $ on a Canadian Visa card. And that someone IS Canadian. So excuse me for saying this but you are charging me TWICE for the same cost?! That is absurd!
So instead of doing a nice deal, I ended up paying about 135 CAD $ too much! After all that research, THAT hurts! Plus I am really disappointed in my bank (CIBC Imperial by the way) and their rates. But in the end I think it was not curtious of the seller to not give me an option to buy in CAD. Will be continued.

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