Monday, May 9, 2011

Ha! I didn't know that!

Something weird happened over the weekend.
We were doing some spring (I hope I didn't jinx the weather) clean up in our garage. When Sarah came across a box of books I kinda 'forgot' about. Well the truth is I've been to lazy to put them in our basement. ahum

So Sarah was cleaning out her horse riding stuff and some dirt fell into this box of books. When she opened it to clean it out she saw the book by Douglas Leighton, called The Canadian Rockies. It is one of the classics that you got to have.
But underneath she saw a name that she knew I particularly love. Darwin Wiggett! People who know me, know that Darwin is my favourite Canadian landscape photographer. I simply love his work. I can't help it. I really look up to him because – in my opinion – he is one of the greats when it comes down to photographing the Rockies.
I've met Darwin once at a Canon 7D presentation at the Camera Store in Calgary last year or so (I was there to meet him, I could care less about the 7D). I snook up on him and we had a really nice conversation about our passions. We were talking a bit about Belgium, Cochrane and photography and how much I liked his stuff. He is one of those awesome down-to-earth guys. I kindly asked him to sign my little bible. Darwin's 'How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies'. A book I bought on one of our trips prior on living here. I still use it regularly. Although the book is almost falling apart now. Darwin was happy to sign it.

It's strange that in the 2 years we have lived in Cochrane, I have yet to bump into him. I guess Cochrane is bigger than I thought.

OK so back to the story. Sarah came in saying 'did you know we have a book by Darwin Wiggett?'. I looked at her with these big eyes asking her 'WHERE?!'. So Sarah took it out of the box and brought it in. The book is called 'Darwin Wiggett photographs Canada' and is one of the first books by Darwin. But this is the weird part of the story. The book is in Dutch (yeah imagine THAT!) and we both have no recollection of EVER buying it.

I guess I have another book for you to sign Darwin!


  1. Hi Olivier, What a spin. What a great story and how great it is to meet a favourite in your case a fellow photographer, someone you look up to. That's really awesome. That be like me getting to meet you. Thankyou for sharing. Hope you and Sarah have a great day. Regards Coral. Loving photography.

  2. Sorry didn't mean that in a creepy way. : )

  3. LOL non taken Coralann! I'm actually very honored you think that way!

  4. Cool story Olivier. I did not even know the book was in Dutch! I am sure we'll run into each other soon. Who else is out at sunrise in Cochrane?


  5. Haha! Who? ME?!
    Thank you Darwin for taking the time and read this little blog post.

    Now we need to meet up. I want this book signed :)