Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We have a winner!

I am so happy to announce the winner of my 'who will be my 500rd follower on Twitter'-contest.

Turns out Gary Paakkonen from Ontario – quite the photographer himself – was the lucky guy!
I'm super stoked for a number of reasons:
- I'm happy that my 11x14 print is staying inside Canada.
- I'm pleased that my print is going to a fellow photographer.
- And I'm happy Gary was both surprised and excited to know that he won!

Gary choose the photo 'Spectacular Sunrise over Moraine Lake' as his favourite shot. So Gary, this is what the final print will look like. I will be dropping it in the mail very shortly!


  1. Wow that's awesome. Congrats to Gary and beautiful choice. What a great thing to do Olivier.

  2. goe gedaan Oli we weten dat je een winnerstype zijt ,binnenkort ga ik muren te kort hebben thuis(wa moet ik dan doen?)Dikke proficiat