Friday, May 27, 2011

Nuts, crazy and insane

That's what my wife told me when I said that I was going out this morning to shoot some landscapes, in the pouring rain. You should know that it has been raining for the last 4 days. Dry coulees are now surging rivers. It is crazy. I think I've never seen this much rain in my life!

The reason why I went out? It's all because of Paul Zizka's Caffeine and Camera outings. Every now and then Paul organizes these photo get-togethers for all people who are interested in photography. It's more of a social meeting with no strings attached. Pretty cool.

Anyway. So this morning we (Paul, Kurtis from Spindrift Photography and I set out to discover an area around Mount Yamnuska. Yes it was raining, yes it was wet, yes the camera got soaked but no it did not fail! I love this 5DmkII. It's pretty much bullet proof (knocking on wood).

The location was a success. Sure a spot to revisit once this weather clears up a bit. Today though we had a lot of low hanging clouds and did I mention a lot of rain already? Oh yes I did...
Maybe the weather was not perfect but I hope these pictures show you that you don't need to wait for perfect weather to enjoy photography.
Actually, photographers often like inclement weather.

I had a lot of fun meeting these fine pro photographers. I will be doing this again when the opportunity arrises.

Foggy Morning Yamnuska Spring

Foggy Layers Yamnuska Spring

Hillside in Fog Spring

Hillside in Fog Spring2


  1. Great job Olivier! Particularly like the second one due to the strong lines. You succeeded in conveying what it was like to be there (except I am still dry). Looking forward to getting out with you again!

  2. Hey Paul! Yeah, I agree on the second shot. I like all the different ridges, one behind the other...
    Totally would be up for that! I just sent you a DM on twitter with how the scene looks like when it's dry. ;)

  3. Nuts,crazy and insane indeed. But what a lot of fun. I love the first two and last one. " Lovin it". Why, I'm not sure colour is one reason but there is something about the last one that just draws me in. Awesome Olivier. Sounds like you live in a beautiful place. Regards Coral.