Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Photo Talk, May 19

Thanks to the Camera Store here in Calgary, I'm able to do another talk about photography.
This time around, I'm going to nerd out about the weather patterns here in southern Alberta and how you can use that bad weather to your advantage.

You know, photographing in bad weather is so awesome. Nobody else is out there in the rain next to you. But there is some stuff you need to know how you can succeed in your quests.
I will share a bunch of tips on what I do to, not only track the weather I like to see in my photography but also what you for instance can do to keep your front element dry.
Or how you can safely track spring or summer storms (without getting yourself in a hail storm).

It's gonna be a jam packed session with a ton of examples of my work.

Also I am going to touch on another subject I love to photograph. The aurora. I will explain how you can predict this phenomenon yourself without relying on the – often too general – other prediction websites.
This phenomenon is usually very local. So what we see here in Albera is often not seen by people on the East coast for instance. I will explain everything in very simple terms.

AND as a little extra, I will walk you briefly through my B&W workflow and I will show you the tools I use to get to the results I like.

So there is a couple of weeks left to register if you are in the neighbourhood and you'd like to check it out. One place to go to, to get your tickets for this event is here.

See you all there!

Aurora Borealis 24 April 2012 - Images by Olivier Du Tre

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