Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And we have a winner!

Remember my little competition I launched a few weeks ago?

Well I am happy to announce we have a winner!
I declare the winner to be Kevin Knockaert.

Kevin named my little Ikonta, Yvonne.
Now, without him knowing it, he happened to choose the name of my grandmother on my mother's side as his entry.

She was my favourite grandmother and I loved spending time with her as a little boy. She lived in this big appartement block where you could see trains pass by. Now as a kid I wanted to grow up to be 3 things. A pilot (what boy doesn't), a train engineer and a – I kid you not – a garbage man.

So my grand parents home was the perfect spot for me to watch trains go by day after day. Sitting in the kitchen with the time tables in front of me and a pair of binoculars I would write down the numbers of the trains and see how long it took them to return home. Yes back then, I was a weird little kid. ;)

Yvonne, or like we used to call her 'MoeMoe' passed away a few years ago. She had led a long and full life.

Kevin struck a chord with me and brought back a lot of great memories. So it was only logic, that the print of his choosing is going to him. He choose the photograph 'Brothers' as the one he wanted to get and as we speak, it is off to the printing company.

Thank you Kevin. From now on, every time I  am going to use the Ikonta, I will associate that with my grand mother. Thank you for bringing back those memories. 

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