Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You want a free print?

I got your attention now didn't I?

Here's the scoop.
Recently I purchased a new camera.

It's a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 523/16 folding camera, made in 1954. Yes 1954!
That was the era where they built camera's that last forever. This Zeiss camera is a full metal bodied design and takes 120 film. Which makes it still very usable today. O and it takes square 6x6 photographs. Move over Instagram.

After some needed TLC I have to say, this thing is pristine. As far as I can see it, this camera is still working perfectly. At first, the shutter was a bit sluggish but think about it for a second, how do YOU feel when you just woke up from a good nights sleep? You wouldn't be to active either. Right?
After about 50 actuations all is well though.

So after the TLC and fondling session yesterday I've put some film in there and did my first snaps with this 57 year old camera. All is working very well and I am super pleased. A good $70 spent I'd say.

The camera came in it's own leather case and leather accessories case that attaches to the strap and holds a sun cap (o yeah this is metal too, you know German over-engineering) and 2 glass filters (red and yellow).

The viewfinder is a funky one. You are basically looking through a glass tunnel not a rangefinder (the 533 has a rangefinder) and you guess the framing.  I still have to find out how precise it is too.
Focussing happens or ... not happens by rotating the front element. It is a zone focussing system so there's a bit of guesswork involved too. But after you dialed in the ƒ stop you can read the 'zone' on a scale and that should be accurate enough. Then you cock the shutter by pulling this little leaver on the lens (it has a leaf shutter) and actuate it on the usual spot on the camera.
Then you forward the film by rotating the big knob on the side while watching the numbers go by in that little red window on the back. All very straight forward. All very oldskool too.

Now here's hope on no light leaks in the bellows or in the back.

OK let's get back on track here. You came here for a free print now did you?
Here's the deal. I need a nickname for this camera. Preferably something that rhymes with Ikon or Ikonta or even Zeiss. Or some old style funky name like 'Gladys' or 'Shirley' or something. Think 50's! Think women's names too! No need for an 'Alfred' or something.

Leave your submission in the comments below and make sure you register with the proper details (so I CAN contact you in case I pick your entry and YOU win). 

The winner will receive a free signed and matted 8x10 B&W print of anything in my catalog. How does that sound? I will pay for everything. It will take up to 4 weeks to deliver the print though, so be patient.

The competition closes on Saturday October 20 11.59pm MST*.

That's it really. O and before I forget.

* Only entries on this blog count. So if you see this on any other social network, do comment and share, but make sure you put your entry here in the comments below.


  1. I'm gonna say you'll have to call "him" Ike ... // Cheers, Nathan (Wirth)

    1. I know she's a bit blocky but don't you name her a him Nathan! :D
      Thanks for entering buddy.

  2. Funky 50's women's name - - Ima
    (as in...Ima Ikon)

    I also like Trixie.

  3. I'd say Tonka because it looks like a very sturdy camera:
    I explain it better... Tonka just like my toy metal truck that survived all these years without a scratch. Just like this camera.

    Great buy, definitely. Congrats!

  4. I have to say Norma Jean after Marilyn Monroe because she was beautiful and she could have been snapped with such a camera in the day. or you could call her Monroe.....
    as she said... (“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ) Nice find, by the way.... you can find me on G+

    Sherrie von Sternberg

    1. Thanks for all those awesome quotes Sherrie!
      She was a beautiful woman for sure.

  5. here is my suggestion: alice

  6. Sweet Georgia Brown (I understand it's black but the case is brown at least).

  7. For some reason Ikonta reminds me of Jacinta (spanish for hyacinth I think) especially if you pronounce the J as a Y. Too bad I can't think of any good Deutsche names right now...

  8. Cool camera, look forward to seeing some shots!

    Not really retro (more like cyberpunk) but, as a huge fan of William Gibson, I would name the camera after Tally Isham, a media star of the future with her Zeiss Ikon eyes.

  9. Klaudia. With a K.

    or Carl.

    or Rusty.

    or One-Eyed Josephine.

  10. Due to Carl zeiss I would name it "carlotta" :)

  11. Nikon rhymes with Ikon- probably wouldn't work, how about "Old Time Religion"

  12. Grace.

    After Grace Kelly (Hitchcocks Rear Window 1954)
    failing that...she looks like a Doris :)

  13. Replies
    1. She's no monster Luke! You are out. :p

      (For everyone else, we are friends)

  14. Miss Kitty... after Kitty Forman, the mom from that 70's show. Has a bit of an old school pinup ring to it as well! And she is f-ing awesome!

  15. Yvonne, rhymes with Nikon, popular name in the 50's and is a womans's name! :-)

    1. And it was my grandmother's name too. You struck a chord Kevin.

  16. How about Bonnie or Shirley? Or Sherry! Rhonda almost rhymes with Ikonta. :)

  17. my suggestion: "EVE" (The traditional meaning of Eve is "Living") and also is the beginning of "Eventual-gram" ....I think i made that up.

  18. how about "Orson", after that other film genius?

  19. Suppose your home country can join this conversation??
    This camera is a few years younger than me so I suggest: 'Chrissie'...
    Many (rainy) greetings from Belgium, Olivier!

  20. Beautiful camera .. what about calling it Zsa zsa .. after the actress Zsa zsa Gabor .........

  21. Kinda straightforward but //// Ikonika (rhymes with Ver-onika)

  22. how's about Kitty Cat? i don't know exactly why but Kitty Cat by Amon Tobin popped in my head while i was looking at it. specifically the line "kitty kitty cat, where'd ya get that?"

  23. Daisy. As in Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazards. The actress who played her, Catherine Bach was born in 1954.
    It's also playful and not too serious, which I think suits this gal.

  24. well in honour of our friendship it should be named Suzette.
    BTW where are the full terms and conditions? Will there be a skill testing question? Olivier have we not drilled enough contests into you ;-)

  25. I have many names that came to mind but one theme sticks out for Oli.... So I went for..

    "Lady Instanot' or even the more German... 'NeinInsta' ......


    Have a great day ....


  26. *Ida* Ikonta
    Ikonta *Katonka*

    ... and so on ;)

  27. ...means eye. Hmm EYE-la, or Nina, Naina, Najila - all means eye (rangefinder I-kon etc).Ah, I give up!!

  28. She's obviously a Maggie (or Margareth)! The name immediately sprung to mind after reading your comment about her being a bit "blocky".

  29. Hi,
    only a classic for a such a beauty eye. "Betty, Betty Boop"

    1. By the way this is Anne Marie' :) couldn't sign in for some reason :(

    2. By the way this is Anne Marie' :) couldn't sign in for some reason :(

  30. Lets try this again.

    My two cents
    And pola

  31. Jeanne, after Jeanne Moreau of course!

  32. Crap, just saw the cutoff date!!

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