Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camera's and Pinholes

First a quick update on the camera situation. I can't really complain about how fast my camera got delivered. 3 days sufficed to be exactly. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me. But what I need to complain about is the fact that the seller was advertising his prices in US $ and not CAD (he was a Canadian eBay seller). So if you are a Canadian and you want stuff quickly, keep prodigital2000 in mind. But be aware of the currency fact. Ask them if they are willing to sell in CAD! This was my fault. I did not ask. I just assumed. O well lesson learned I guess. I was also a little disappointed that they did not include some sort of thank you note in the box. But the camera was really well wrapped. So that was a good thing. All in all, a neutral experience in my opinion.

On the other hand the 5DmkII is great! What a camera. First time I took it out I photographed McDougall Church about 15 minutes from Cochrane. After processing this is what came out of the 'camera'.

The size of the shots are simply HUGE compared to what I was used too. I love those custom program presets on the main dial as well. Super handy. I configured them as followed. C1 is landscape mode (lowest ISO, ƒ11, spot metering). C2 is my star and aurora mode (ISO 800, ƒ4, matrix metering, continuous shooting). C3 is when I happen to come across some action photography – like wildlife (Auto ISO, ƒ5.6. spot metering, continuous shooting, AI Servo). You never know.

When I was shooting the church a guy came up to me asking me if I was a professional photographer. Because 'he was impressed with my gear'. I assured him I was just a dedicated amateur photographer. :) But it is funny, people associated BIG camera's with professionalism.

Also things are moving forward with the pinhole project. I have all my hardware at home. Today I think I will start to make the pinholes itself. I have a bunch of old photographic paper I can use and a bunch of tin boxes. Looking forward to this project!!!


  1. @ Oli, I should have mentioned about the currency thing. I've never had problems. If the vendor has a website from Ebay or Amazon, I usually go through them and then send an email about payment methods.

    I still highly recommend prodigital.


  2. Hey Dan no problem. It was my own fault. Like I said I should have asked before I paid. Not a talented eBay buyer I guess :)

    Now that I ended up with an expensive camera, I think I will bubble wrap it and leave it in my camera bag and never use it. hahahaha yeah right. This puppy is going to get used A LOT!