Monday, January 17, 2011


Like I said in a previous post, weather has not been very favourable for photography lately. For the last week and a half we have been put in the deep freeze. -20 something temperatures for a daytime high, but adding in the windchill you are looking at -30 something degrees Celcius. Pretty cold that is.
This weekend I was just dying to go out and shoot.

So I put on my warm clothes and headed out. I  planned on checking out a lone tree I've found in a pasture some time ago. Just to see and study how I could photograph it. I did some test shots but I quickly figured out that the flat overcast skies were not going to work their magic on this tree. I got the composition down though. Now it's a matter of waiting for the correct conditions to shoot it. The tree is about 10-15min from my place so I can react quickly when I have to. I think fog will work.

While I was driving back home though I drove by this pasture on my left hand side. The road dipped down and for a second or two I lost the horizon. The only things I saw where snow, sky and a fence to break it all up. I knew I had a cool minimalistic shot here so I slammed on the brakes. Mind you, I am a careful driver but I was on a deserted range road by myself. ;) Put the car in reverse, got out and made a dozen or so shots.

I like this composition best. Simple, symmetrical and balanced with just that little detail (animal tracks) to make you look twice. I post processing I did a simple black and white conversion. Made sure I had pure white and pure black in my shot and added a heavy heavy vignette. Just because.

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