Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making the pinholes Camera's

Alright! Let's go to the next stage of this project.
Making the light tight boxes. Pretty straight forward project. It's DIY 101.

These are the tools I used today.
- Newspapers
- Electric Drill + Drill bit
- Metal file or Sanding paper
- Paint
- Sharpie or Pen
- Tin Boxes and Cans

First thing I did was marking out the holes on the cans. I did this with a pen. A sharpie would have been better, But it did the job. If you wish you can now use a center punch and a little tap of a hammer on that mark. This way your drill does not run away.
Look at this happy family. Nobody knows it yet but the kid is gonna get it. ;)

In the end you end up with a hole in your can. Duh. Sand the hole down on both sides. Or use your metal file to get rid of all the rough edges.

Lay all your cans and tins on the newspapers prepping them for spraying. You need to make sure, after eating all those cookies, you degreased all of them and got rid of crumbs and other stuff inside the cans.

Now you are ready for spraying. You can use whatever flat (matte) black paint you want. I chose to use chalkboard paint. It was cheap.

After your first coat let it dry for about an hour or so and give it another coat. I am leaving them overnight and tomorrow it will be part 2 of this weekend project. In the picture all the boxes look shiny but I just checked them and they are as matte as a ... euhm chalkboard?

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