Sunday, April 24, 2011

Free print for 500rd follower on Twitter

Today it's been 5 months since I've started my Twitter journey.
You know in the beginning I was very skeptical that this would do much for my photography. It turned out that it is making a huge difference.

Not only am I tweeting with my heros in landscape photography but they are giving me sincere feedback and tips on how to become better at it. And by the way it is so much fun to do!
Who would have guessed that after just 5 months tweeting I would have 434 people (most of them are fellow artists and photographers) following my stuff online (as of today, April 22nd at 5pm). That blows my mind!

Here is the thing, I am going to do a little competition!
Whoever is my 500rd follower PERSON who follows me on Twitter, will get a free 11x17 11x14 print (being in the printing industry screwed up my scenes of paper sizes) of choice! If the 500rd person is in fact an organization, website, or other than a person, the print will go to the next follower. Just me saying 'thank you' to you all for the support you've been giving me on this social platform.

If you are already on Twitter maybe you can help me out. I would appreciate if you would retweet this simple message. Thank you all so much!
Be the 500rd person who follows @odutrephoto and get a free 11x14 print of choice! Check Please RT! #free


  1. So how many people are holding out following you until the see 499? Or like me, planning on unfollowing you at 499 and then refollow at 499 again ;-)

  2. You are all a bunch of cheaters! :p