Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is in the air

So... finally 'spring' has begun. Well kinda. Predictions for tomorrow call for another snow dump here in Calgary.

It's weird to see the prairies and pastures around our house without snow again. Everything is brown and mushy though. There are huge water runoffs. It is all not very appealing. But non the less I went out yesterday at sunset.

I have to be honest, it felt awkward. Going from all those minimalistic winter shots to a normal landscape composition again. I felt like a beginner. And to some extent I still am. It's strange how your abilities as a photographer sometimes shift. I had a hard time reacquainting myself with the sights around our house. I'll be planning on shooting close to home for most of the summer. Just as a little personal project.

I'm sure it will take me a couple of outings to come back into the groove. But at least I got to try out my new toys last night. The HUGE Lee polarizer and some ND grads. It was more of a test drive then anything else. I did not come back home with a composition I was happy with. But that's ok.

Snow made my life simple.

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