Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Textures Gallore

Over the weekend I helped a befriended couple dismantle an old barn. They are planning to build a new heated horse ridding arena (or something).
I was kind of sacrificed by my wife to help them out. Thanks honey!

At first the job was 'only' to move 500+ hay bales from one end of the barn to the other. Well ok. Normally I don't do manual labour (that's why I chose to do a desk job) so I was preparing myself mentally the week before.

So Saturday came and we helped out. 'Moving those hay bales' quickly changed into lots of other chores. Loosening a gazillion screws that held down the tin on the inside and outside of the barn. Moving washing machines, stoves, rubber mats, 'iron heavy stuff' and so on. In the process I kinda crushed my trigger finger. Maybe I should insure that part of my body...

Anyhow. On Saturday I noticed one thing. That old barn was full of the most awesome textures. Chipped paint, flaking paint, old shingels with a huge amount of moss, bare wood, and go on and on. Nothing can replicate the authenticity of these things. These textures were real, raw and bad ass. Well maybe not bad ass but you get my drift. No Photoshop filter can reproduce the amount of 'grunge' I was able to capture. It was an amazing place to say the least. So on Sunday I had to do at least 5 minutes of photography. I simply had to capture all those details! Those 5 minutes quickly became half an hour. Half an hour turned into 45 minutes. The owners thought it was funny.

I posted them on my site in a new album called... euhm... textures (duh).

Textures - Images by Olivier Du Tre

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