Friday, April 29, 2011

Update on the pinhole cams

Last week I was able to check up on some pinhole cameras I hung around Cochrane last December and January. They've been out in the elements for the last 4 months. Photographing old man Winter. And they are doing great!

The 7 cams that I checked (of 11 I believe) are all still up and running! That fact alone makes me super happy! I suppose people actually did not find them or if they did, kept their hands to themselves or Winter was just too damn cold (and long) for them to actually go outside. I think it was the latter one.
The metal wire I used to hold them up has rusted securely in place. I can only hope that, in the 2 months to come, the camera's will keep doing their thing and I'll end up with some results that I can share. Fingers crossed on that one.

I'm looking forward in taking them all down on the 21st of June though. I have no clue what the pictures are going to look like. But that is the beauty of it! I don't want to know. Surprise! That was the reason for this project.

I'm already planning another run and I am scouting some possible locations on where to hang them.

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  1. I would love to try shooting with Pinhole cameras. What is the process?? I know you can do it with a DSLR, using an extra lens cap and drilling a hole in it. Anyways, love the site!