Thursday, June 4, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 16-17

I didn't update you about day 16 because that was just a paint update.

Yesterday (Day 17) the plumber came and hooked up the sinks, faucets and water panel. 

The back splash (white formica) got installed and will allow me to stick wet prints to the wall behind the sink without the fear of water penetrating the drywall. That 'free of clutter' back-splash runs seamlessly into the sink and is one of the main features I wanted. 

The trim around he sink got installed and we finalized the ventilation system too. 

Today 'Sparky' somes. That's the electrician. I told my contractor that that isn't a good nickname for an electrician at all. :)

Tonight is going to be a good night I think with hopefully some working elements.

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