Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 20

Ah progress. 

The workbench is tentatively put together. It measures 32" deep by 36" high and hugs the full length of the room. It leaves me enough space to walk in between the enlarger stations and the table given I don't gain a massive amount of weight. Lol. 

The enlarger platforms are almost done as well. They will feature a baseboard platform and a removable easle platform that is located at 36" height. That way - if need be - I can use the full height of the enlargers albeit on a lower base. And yes they are perfectly level and parallel. 

Trim around the door is finished too. Applying interlocking weather sealing in the future will make it a light tight door as well. 

If we construct this section as a tilting table, it would be an ideal spotting station. The only thing we need to do then is aim the lights a little bit better but that's a real easy thing to do. 

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