Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 19

Construction has started on the long workbench and the enlarger platforms. By tonight those should be in. Fingers crossed.

We had another design hickup. Local code requires us to not have a permanent structure in place in front of the electrical panel. When I designed this darkroom I didn't know. 

Solution: make that section of the table removable. We are also planning on making this thing tilt-able (as in an architects table). Could be an ideal spotting station. For now, we will just make this removable. 

The main door is in as well and will have the lock in it by tonight. The by-fold door for the closet is in as well. Things are shaping up and are drawing to a close. 

And more importantly, it's getting darker and darker. 

The supports for the workbench with removable section in the middle.

Supports for the enlarger platforms. The right on is set at 36" height. Gives us about 1.25" clearance for the table top. It's a squeeze. The other two will be much lower but will have a removable second table top at 36" height as well. 

Closed off the side of the sink so stored things underneath can't fall out.

Yes that is a red safelight. I have so many old papers (some of them are graded and from manufacturers I've never even heard off that I played it safe for now). I had a bunch of OG safelights too but will try with these first. See how it goes.

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