Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 10

The darkroom is coming together very well. Give it another week and we should be done. (I hope)

This is the area where the 3 enlargers will go side by side. I opted to put them each in their own little enclosure. A safelight is going to go in the far left corner (just out of the picture) and behind me. On the left their still needs to be a workbench created. The fridge (just in the picture to the left) will go underneath.

This is the same area but now looking the other way. The cables dangling down are for the white lights. The hole in the wall is obviously for a power outlet. There's one more in the little stub wall. And if you look closely there is also a hole in the ceiling (to the left) where the white light switch will go. The vent on the right will get the same filter treatment as the inlet in the outside wall as seen in a previous post.

This is the area where the big sinks go. Everything is constructed to loose a minimal amount of space, since the ceiling is so low (6' 8"), but with the ability to do 24x30" prints. Another safelight is going to go just out of the frame to the left. And I am planning on installing a digital clock in the wall where the 3 vent covers are now (hence the box there).

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