Friday, May 29, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 12

Mudding was almost completely done yesterday. At least the first layer anyway.
It is amazing how much difference a little drywall makes. It was tough imagining this darkroom in my head but I knew the space would be pretty much perfect. I am happy that it feels like I was right. This is going to be a great lab!

Here's the hole where the head of the Durst L1200 will go. At over 8 feet tall (it is on a drop table) we had to do be a little creative with the head room. Works out perfectly though.

Here's a 180 degree pano of the wet side. Door is on the left and the wall that is on the right was behind me. Of course it looks much bigger than it is. Click it open!

No that's not toilet paper hanging there. I am also happy we found a solution for the corner.

My contractor has amazing abilities... Like walking on walls and ceilings. Spider pig, spider pig.... ;)

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