Thursday, May 28, 2015

Darkroom Build: Day 11

Now this is more like it!
It almost looks like a (dark)room now. 

Still a few pesky areas to figure out what to do with but overall it's coming along really really nicely. 

I was really surprised by how bright the room overall was. Might not have a safelights issue after all. ;)

The sink area is looking great. 

This is where the big Durst will go. Notice the hole in the ceiling. We had to make some room in there the allow for the head to move freely in and out. In case I need to print larger prints. 

Looking back at the water panel area. This corner is still being a PITA but my contractor is a clever dude. He will sort this out. 

Here is the area on the other side of the room almost all taped and muded (is that a word?) up. When you shut the light off, it's dark. Which is a good thing. 

Notice the hole in the ceiling here too. Damn you tall Durst enlargers! ;)

And the electrical panel boxed in. In front of it a 32" wide workbench (36" in height) still has to build. It will house my densitometer, paper cutters, spotting station and I don't know what else. Underneath the far end we are adding more drying racks too. And storage space goes underneath the rest.

Can you see it coming together? So stoked!

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